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Ten YA series I have yet to finish

I have seen a number of book bloggers do an unfinished series post, so I thought I would give it a go!

If you have completed any of these series, please let me know in the comments if you think that they are worth reading? I am really curious to know.

Confession – I am actually really bad at finishing all the books in a series. This is especially true for young adult fiction, where I have dipped my toes in a number of good and not-so-good books, but often neglected to move onto the next in the series.

Reasons? Well, one big reason is that my library is good at sourcing the latest YA releases, but not so good on the sequels. Or maybe they all have a stack of reserves on them (my library charges $1 to go on a waiting list for a book – no thanks!)

Another reason could be that I am quite time-poor at the moment. Since I don’t get a lot of time to read I don’t want to waste time on bad books and I will usually give up on a book if it doesn’t grab me in the first few chapters. The fact that most of my books are from the library means that I can just drop them off in my lunch break and find something else to try.

My list…

Divergent Series


I stumbled across a big spoiler for this series online (if you’ve finished it then you know the one) and it has killed any enthusiasm I had for moving onto book two.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy


The first book didn’t really engage me and neither did the second. Rhine made some confusing choices that seemed to take her in the direction the author wanted to go for plot convenience, as opposed to what any sensible person would do in real life. That being said the writing is good and the villain is super scary.

The Winner’s Trilogy


I have read the first and will probably move onto the second one day when I source it at my local library. I thought the two leads had good chemistry and the ending of the first book left them in an interesting position. While it is not high on my TBR list I am looking forward to reading the sequel one day.

Disruption Duology


While I thought the main character in this novel was particularly sassy (even moreso than other ‘sassy/independent’ dystopian heroines), I did not feel the chemistry between her and the love interest. Maybe I am too picky?



I have heard it is all down-hill from the end of book one.

Firebird Series


I borrowed the second book from my library, but the first few chapters ruined my impression of villain. I like my bad guys as scary/powerful/evil as possible.

The Lunar Chronicles


I started book two but had trouble getting invested in Scarlet’s point of view. Maybe I will try again soon, not sure.

The Lone City Series


Victory for the heroes seems almost impossible after the conclusion of book one. I am curious about The White Rose for this reason, but there are others on my TBR list I am looking forward to more.

Mystic City


The first book wasn’t bad, but I have heard one of the key characters becomes a tool in the second, so I have decided to give it a miss.

Red Queen


Red Queen reminded a bit too much of The Hunger Games and a few other dystopian books released in the last few years. I have decided not to pursue Glass Sword, but may have a glance through if I see it at my library.

Thanks for reading!

Have you completed any of the series on this list? If so, what did you think of them?


8 thoughts on “Ten YA series I have yet to finish

    1. I would definitely recommend The Winner Trilogy, the first book is pretty good. The Chemical Garden series didn’t grab me as much, but the concept is interesting. If you like dystopian stories with creepy villains and forbidden romance you will like it.

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  1. You are NOT missing anything by not continuing on in the Divergent series… they get worse as the series goes on. The 3rd book was just awful.

    I read Red Queen and decided not to continue on either. It is a shame because I think Victoria Aveyard has potential as a writer, but there wasn’t enough original content for me.

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