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WWW Wednesday/ April 2017

Happy Easter!

I would like to apologise, as the busy rhythms of everyday life have kept me from regularly posting here. My week is days with baby, homemaking, work (part-time) and church. Rinse and repeat. This might sound a little mundane, but there are so many extraordinary moments to be found in ordinary days. I am watching my baby learn new things each day and there is no greater privilege than to be able to spend most of my time with her.

I am also very lucky to have access to two well-resourced libraries. Imagine my surprise when I found one only two blocks from my new workplace! Most of the books I read are from the library – so I am ecstatic to have such a good selection close to home and work.

Here is my WWW Wednesday:

WWW Wednesday was created by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words.

All you have to do is answer three questions:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading?

Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman


This is the second book of Hartman’s Serahpina series. It is engaging, complex YA fantasy at it’s best. Seraphina is a half-dragon/half human (that really isn’t a spoiler, as it’s fairly obvious from the outset of the first book), who must overcome the prejudice of humans and the coldness of dragons to bring about peace between the two races. Hartman has created a rich world and interesting characters. I enjoyed Seraphina and am only 33 pages into Shadow Scale, but it is capturing my attention so far.

What did you recently finish reading?

Mystic City by Theo Lawrence (3/5)


Mystic City is a YA dystopian that has been marketed for fans of the Hunger Games and X-Men, but the quality is not on par with these examples.

There are several things the author does well, namely the dystopian atmosphere and romantic tension. But on the whole, both the writing and characterisation are poor. Lawrence’s writing conjures up a divided dystopian society where global warming has brought about an era of urban decay and war. Mystics (magical people) are oppressed and feared. Enter Aria Rose, a spirited child of the wealthy elite, whose forbidden romance with a mystic rebel threatens to disrupt the status quo. The tension between Aria and Hunter is well done, but not excellent. The romance takes centre stage and the rest of the story suffers as a result.

Lawrence’s characters are feisty and say all the right lines at the right times, but lack real depth. The main character does everything you would expect of a YA heroine but has no real personality. The action sequences were hard to follow at times – it felt like I was watching confusing antics through a fog, as opposed to other books with well-written action i.e. The Hunger Games.

I don’t mean to completely blast this book as there is definitely something special about it. I love how the author incorporates allusions to Romeo and Juliet. I also loved how the undercity or ‘The Depths’ was likened to Venice and how the author highlighted the drastic differences between the classes. If you are looking for a fun, easy romantic read this is a great choice. If you are after good quality YA read Seraphina (mentioned above).

What do you think you will read next?

Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton


I have wanted to read this one for a long time and have just manage to borrow it from my local library. I am excited to get started after finishing Shadow Scale.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think?

-Sam 🙂


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