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Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza | If I Were a Fictional Character

Monday, March 14th/ If You Were a Fictional Character

“March 14 is, in fact, Pi Day, but I couldn’t think of how to mix books with math (except for how much money we spend on them). But then I got to thinking of smart characters, and our favorite geeky and nerdy characters (not a bad thing to be), and then I went back to this idea: being an actual fictional character. Perhaps it’s you being one of your favorite fictional characters; what would life be like? Or maybe create a persona or alter ego of yourself based off fictional characters, or making yourself a fictional character to be with or defeat other fictional characters. Let your imagination run wild.”

The Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza is hosted by Beauty and the Bookshelf. Thank you Rachel for this awesome set of activities!

(This seemed like a fun exercise to do)

If I was a fictional character I would exist in a fantasy world. An older, wiser woman I would be covered in scars from my glory days as a royal bodyguard. I would live deep within the forest, in a house protected by magic and built into a large tree. I would spend my days crafting powerful weapons and armour for young intrepid heroes who would seek me out for help on their quests.


I would have five brave daughters all embroiled in various adventures throughout the kingdom, except my youngest who would be learning the craft from me.

One day a band of adventurers would tempt me into joining them on a quest to find a legendary weapon, before it falls into the clutches of an evil wizard king. And so my adventures would begin again…







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